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Michael Cyger

We have many innovative entrepreneurs and investors in the Pacific Northwest.
Whether you’re in Seattle, over the mountain, coming down from Canada or up from Portland, we should be meeting, in person, on a regular basis to share information and best practices about acquisition, development, investment, monetization and sales.
We can learn so much more person-to-person, and I am honored to facilitate a regular domain name networking and educational event in Seattle.
– Michael Cyger, DNSeattle Organizer

What Others Said About DNSeattle

@MichaelCyger scored a home run last night! People are buzzing about the next @DNSeattle meet up already!
Tamara Pawlak
Excited to be attending @DNSeattle. Anything @MichaelCyger does is worth the trip! #domaining #domains
Mark Levine
Attending right now – great event, awesome networking #dnseattle @DNSeattle
Dwayne Walker
A huge thanks to Michael Cyger of @domainsherpa for organizing an awesome @DNSeattle event last night!!
Super excited for @DNSeattle with @MichaelCyger tomorrow! Business and networking with like minded people close to home. Priceless!